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    Preparing Teens for Today's Roads

    School of Wheels Driving School is the area's premier driving school servicing Dedham, MA and the greater Boston area.  Teenagers are in good hands with our school – we take pride in educating students.  Whether you are the parent of a teenager or a teenager yourself, you can feel confident in our fully licensed driving school.  Our instructors teach hundreds of students each year. We value creating an informative, safe, and courteous environment that fosters the maximum amount of learning for each student. Our goal is to help new teenage drivers become safe, confident drivers. Teen drivers who graduate from our School are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to be collision-free and ticket-free in their driving. 

    State Law Requirements

    Permit Requirement

    As required by state law, teenagers must provide proof of a driving permit at their first lesson. Without the driving permit the lesson cannot begin.

    Parental Permission

    A parent’s or guardian’s signature is required on our forms to begin lessons at School of Wheels.

    Parent Class

    In Massachusetts, a parent or guardian of  a student who obtains a learner's permit is required to attend a two (2) hour parent class. 

    MA law requirements are subject to change.  Contact School of Wheels for the latest requirements.

    Complete Driver Education Syllabus

    For our teenagers that purchase our Complete Driver Education Course, we will cover the following for your in-classroom education.  

    • Introduction to Drivers Education
    • Understanding the Vehicle and its Controls
    • Basic Driving Skills and Vehicle Maintenance
    • Signals, Signs, and Railroad Markings
    • Rules of the Road
    • Sharing the Road
    • Making Safe Driving Decisions
    • How Natural Laws Affect Driving
    • Driving in Differing Environments
    • Driving in all Weather Conditions
    • Mental and Physical Effects on Driving
    • The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving 
    • The Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making
    • Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns
    • Review and Exam

    Syllabus is subject to change.  Contact School of Wheels for the latest syllabus.  


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